SIS Recovery Shaker 700ml

Science in Sport delivering superior sports nutrition, so you can train harder, race faster and recover quicker.
700ml Protein Shaker
For use with SIS Products or any other brand!

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SlimFast Blissful Banana Shake Powder, 438 g

Just add 250 ml skimmed milk
Unlike some other weight-loss diets, Slim Fast provide you with a free programme with online support tools that help you stay on track
3 snacks, 2 shakes or bars, 1 sensible meal

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SlimFast High Protein Meal Replacement Caramel Temptation Shake Powder, 438 g,

Meal replacement powder shake
Just add 250 ml skimmed milk to each serving

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SlimFast Summer Strawberry Shake Powder, 438 g

Want to look great for that special occasion coming up or just have some weight to lose
Just add 250 ml skimmed milk

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Smartshake Unisex’s Protein Mixer Bottle, Gunsmoke, 600 ml

Advanced anti-leak technology makes the cap and lid safe for hot and cold drinks.
Revolutionary concave hexagon strainer eliminating powder lumps giving your drinks a perfect viscosity.
Safe for freezer, dishwasher, microwave oven and hot liquid, up to 120 °C (248 °F).

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Specialist Supplements FullWash Enteroclisma Home Enema Kit with 2 Litre Capacity

Dairy Free, Gluton Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free, Sugar Free, Nut Free, Egg Free, Celery Free, Lupin Free, Milk Free, Mustard Free, Sesame Seed Free, Soy Bean Free, Sulphur Dioxide Free, Maize Free, Citric Acid Free, Aluminium Free, Paraben Free, Crustacean Free, Mollusc Free, Fish Free, Peanut Free, No Added Sugar,
Product Barcode 8003670020059

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Total Sweet 100% Natural Xylitol, 1kg

Looks and tastes just like sugar
Low GI value of 7
Low available Carbs ; Made from natural, sustainable birch wood

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Ultra Pure Organic Turmeric Curcumin and Organic Black Pepper Capsules High Strength Food Supplement 120 Veg Capsules…

FORMULATED WITH THE FINEST INGREDIENTS – a perfect synergy between Organic Turmeric powder 500mg and Organic Black Pepper 10mg for greater absorption and enhanced bioavailability. These High Strength Turmeric capsules provide maximum efficiency with no additives
GOLD ORGANIC STANDARD – We are committed to delivering Turmeric supplements produced from trusted organic ingredients and to stringent organic standards. This means that with these Turmeric curcumin tablets you are avoiding toxins, heavy metals, GM materials, artificial pesticides and fertilisers. We have chosen The Soil Association as our accredited certification body. Our aim is to assure customers that we meet the highest organic standards as well as supporting the charity’s invaluable work
THE VEGETARIAN SOCIETY APPROVED PRODUCT – we understand the importance of choosing products suitable for your diet, that’s why we had the Organic Turmeric capsules with black pepper independently checked by experts at The Vegetarian Society. Rest assure the ingredients and production methods are approved and suitable for both Vegan and Vegetarian diet

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XLS-Medical Max Strength Sachet

Reduce calorie intake from carbohydrates, sugar and fat now in a convenient on the go sachet
Clinically proven efficiency.
Gentle on your system.

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Xylitol Natural Sweetener 1Kg

All natural product
Made from 100 percent birch tree extract
The perfect alternative to sugar

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